Volunteering in one of the nation’s best fire and rescue systems is a uniquely rewarding experience, but one that is very demanding in terms of time, training and eligibility. Applicants must meet certain strict requirements to be considered eligible for membership.. Active volunteers are also expected to fulfill several participation, certification, and compliance requirements to remain involved.

To be considered eligible for membership, you must:

  • ​Be a U.S. citizen or current legal resident with at least 24 months of U.S. residency (documentation may be required.)
  • Successfully pass a background investigation.
  • Meet the minimum age requirement for the volunteer department you wish to join for Lorton age is 18.
  • The FCVFRA also recommends that you plan to live locally for at least 3 years, given the considerable time involved in training to become a competent volunteer.

The participation requirements differ for operational and administrative members. While each volunteer department has its own policies for members’ participation, at a minimum, operational volunteers are expected to:

  • Pass an annual Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department physical.
  • Volunteer at least 20 hours each month.
  • Complete a minimum of 48 hours of training each year (including mandatory re-certifications.)
  • You are also required attendance at regular departmental meetings and participation in administrative functions (e.g., fundraising.)